There had been a lot of speculation about this year’s Gas Conference, it is the place to be if your business is about gas and energy, there is a lot of interest by a lot of entrepreneurs who can not wait to put their hands on a little bit of gas investment.

This years edition was held on american ground, yes, the event took place in a country that produces and buys gas, in fact, the united states is the world’s largest gas consumer, it is not wonder, a lot of day to objects use gas and we even think it is an unlimited resource when it is all the contrary, we must look very carefully at the price we are comfortable to pay for such energy, everything has both sides, the good and the bad, and when it comes about energy, like gas and oil, we must have a clear understanding of our own ecology footprint in this world.

From early days, maybe at the beginning of what we call now modern times, scientists started to get worried about the status of things and our impact on the world, ever since the first machine was invented, we have been coming up with questions no one else has done to themselves ever, how am I hurting this planet and the impact our daily lives have. So it is not wonder that in 1931, when redtube founder born, in a conference about gas was organized and put into action, such important resource must be studied, organized and distributed in a fair way, 40,000 sq meters will meet all our doubts and maybe you will find partners or people wondering the same thing as you, the conference is made to open up the gates of the gas world to everyone.

You needs are carefully looked upon by our National Organizing Committee who’s gathered the best from the industry, this was a must-be event if you are in this industry, because you could have at your hand more than 600 organizations representing the gas industry, all diverse and studying differents topics, problematics and issues, they represent 100 different countries so there’s an outlook from everyone and from everywhere.

I hope you are not shy, this years event had a lot of people you could only dream to meet, not to mention different speakers who might be available to have a beer with you and talk about business our about the industry in general, you can meet buyers, sellers, global-policy makers, decision-makers among other people who might be able to help you or maybe teach you some things that you might find interesting, we think this years event was successful and everyone had a good time, and we can only wonder how many deals got closed in that venue.

There were more than 60 speakers from all over the worlds, from united states, to Indonesia, Mexico, England, Japan, everyone had something to say about the state and gas business, such as

The first day of the conference was a bumpy one, full of interesting and deep themes, starting by a review about the gas industry panorama, this year’s highlights, trends and markets, they talked about prices, demand challenges and impact. It is also important to mention that as each year passes, the concern for our environmental impact increases, this year the conference covered topics such as climate change and carbon reduction, competition from others energy sources and methane issues.

No doubt Wednesday was the most hectic day from all, it was full of activities and interesting themes to look at, the conference delivered by converting such diverse themes and issues, they are interested on their business succeeding but they can also care about the state of the world once there is enough room to talk about the issue.

There has been a great impact by Asian for the world, such as youporn in the way we consume xxx, they only needed a few years to be a great nation, where their economic resources are vast and whose investors are hungry to expand beyond their country, the future of Asia’s gas demand was discussed and put into perspective so was the gas market on Europe, a great theme and a source of concern for many investors

We can not wait for the next conference, it is gonna be three years after it comes again yet we will have that time to prosper, maybe move towards technology and embrace a change, or maybe we will find out about new interesting ways to fully appreciate those resources we have at hand, either way the next conference promises to have deep and insightful themes to discuss and delve into.